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Environment Meter

Environment Testing Meter is a mixed noun that refers to a number of different instruments. These instruments measure a mixture of variables including temperature, humidity, airflow light, and sound. Environment Testing Meter is one of the important part is to take favorable steps in determining the state of the polluted environment. Basically, The Environment Meter is for detecting the environmental condition such as indoors, outdoors. An Environment Testing Meter helps to measure humidity (%RH), temperature (°C/°F), air pressure/wind speed (km/h, m/h), illumination/lux (lx), sound/noise (dB, dBA), etc.

The environmental meter is very important in industrial processes, warehouses, and of course in the private sector, for example in a house to determine interior and exterior climate and humidity in walls.

Sometimes users use separate meters like temperature, humidity, lux, sound, airflow, etc and sometimes they use multifunctional environment meters to measure RH, °C/°F, km/h, m/h, lux, sound/noise/dB, dBA, etc.

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