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Hand Pallet Trolley

Hand Pallet Trolley is an important Jack for warehouse or construction sites. 5000 kg, 3000 kg, 2000 kg hydraulic pallet jack, an important device to facilitate the work of warehouse or industry. The hydraulic pallet jack is very efficient at work. Hydraulic Pallet Jack A hand pump hydraulic jack with the steering wheel is used for lifting using the pallet stack.
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The Hand Pallet Trolley-hydraulic pallet is driven by the jack filler as the levers act as pumps to raise the jack. The thorns of the small handles drop into the hydraulic liquid fillers at the bottom. The hydraulic pallet jack works well enough to lift and lift from the floor. These are used to move and organize the pallets inside the trailer. Hydraulic pallet jacks can be used as an alternative to the forklift or as a first step.

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